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ARC Reader Signup

Hey there! IF you've found this form, that means you have an interest in reading advanced ebook copies of my books! I send ARCS out before release and you will receive them via BookFunnel or StoryOrigin.


If you receive an ARC, I ask that you please leave your review on Amazon within 3 weeks of release. I also request that you review on one other platform, such as Goodreads or BookBub. Once an ARC is sent, a 'Currently Reading' graphic will be emailed to you that you are welcome to use, but it's not required. I'll also include the review links and any other information needed.


Two weeks after release, I'll send out a form where you can submit the links to your reviews and if you so choose, you can leave your mailing address and once reviews are verified, I'll send you a FREE signed copy of the book you reviewed if you live in the USA, for International reviewers, I will gift a copy from Amazon but unfortunately at this time shipping costs are too high to send a signed copy.


If you are unable to review within the 3 week time frame, please let me know and we can work that out. :)


I'd love to have you join! I appreciate each and every one of you so much! 

Welcome! Thanks for signing up!

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