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The magical sequel to Sword of Light (The Four Keys, Book One).

Freya and her army are rising up... They have no shame, and they will kill whoever gets in their way.

With an evil army wreaking havoc on her town, Andie needs to find the second Key, and quick. To do so, she must harness her powers and make the treacherous journey to Murias. Navigating the enchanted but perilous place becomes quite the challenge for her and her friends, with new adversaries and allies around every corner.

Confusion wars within Andie as she finds herself torn between feelings for the arrogant shifter, or the sweet and kind warlock who seems to always be there when she needs him.

Soon it becomes all too clear that she will have to make the hardest decision of her life and acquire the second Key at the same time.

What Readers are Saying


Andie has found one of the Four Keys she’s searching for, but at a cost. Hunter, her Were Shifter bodyguard (whom she has complicated feelings for) has been taken by Freya, Queen of the Elves, and the Formori who want Andie dead. His mind is gone, twisted to the point where he now thinks the Fae are his enemy, and that he must dispose of Andie. Andie tries to resume her normal life, but that proves impossible when she and her allies discover that Freya and the Formori are back in town, and that they’re stirring up trouble. As Andie and co. try to solve these new problems, she struggles with her conflicting feelings for her memory of Hunter and Warlock Teagan, her closest guy friend. Hunter isn’t here, and Teagan is. But will Andie ever truly be able to get Hunter out of her head?

“Cauldron of Hope and Sorrows” book two of the Four Keys series by J.C. Lucas. This book completely lived up to the first one! The romance is more developed in this one, and the friendships and the relationships built seemed very unfeigned, not forced at all. I really do enjoy Lucas’ writing, and I can’t wait to continue the series.

-Amazon Reviewer

Even better than the first...

Woah.... so I liked Sword of Light... but let me tell you, this book was even better. It was longer, more detailed, dove more into the story as a whole and I was hooked. You really get emotionally attached to these characters again, and more so this time around with the love triangle that is Andie, Teagan, and Hunter. On the edge of my seat for #3!

-Amazon Reviewer


What an interesting series! Andie experienced a few twists I hadn't expected but that's part of what makes for a good book to read. Buy yours today and join Andie and friends on their quest for the 4 keys! Can't wait to read the next one myself! Happy reading!!

-Amazon Reviewer

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