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A relentless evil. An impossible choice.

“Despite all the heartache, the injuries, the terror and the unknown, you forge ahead without hesitating. This is why you were meant to find the Keys.”

Andie expected everything to be the same when she and her team returned home from finding the second Key, but she didn’t realize she’d find herself in a nest of loss and unexplainable connections.

Now her world is crumbling. She must learn to be a leader and navigate the magical world without her best friends. Where everyone wants something from her—and an unbreakable bond shakes her to the core.

Time is running short and an army of darkness gathers, preparing to destroy the Fae and perhaps, even the human world.

Little does she know there is another player behind the scenes. An old evil is rising up, more powerful than anyone can imagine, and Andie is called to take up a path she had never thought possible, and that she never wanted …

What Readers are saying

this is an amazing series!

Reeling from her last quest and its consequences, Andie has fled the home she shares with her guardian Celeste because she cannot bear the reminder. Celeste is missing, and they don’t know if she is dead or alive. Her best friend Teagan won’t speak to her after she broke his heart, and the boy she loves, Hunter, has been irrevocably changed by their experience with the Cauldron, in ways they don’t understand. As a result, Andie is forced to face her next quest without her two closest friends, and the thought fills her with dread. Will Andie succeed yet again? Or has Freya and the Formori finally taken enough from her to break her spirit? Find out in “Lia Fail - Stone of Destiny,” the third book in the Four Keys series by J.C. Lucas!

Lucas continues to impress me with every book she writes. She does an excellent job of drawing the reader into Andie’s world, and making you feel as though you are experiencing things with her. The humor is funny, and I adore Ermir the phooka’s snarky personality. I am awaiting book 4

-Amazon Reviewer

Amazing Characters

I loved getting to read about this amazing world again and seeing where the story would go! I really enjoy reading these types of books that are based in different mythology. With the not only mythology but paranormal fantasy is just my type of book. This is a great continuation of the Four Keys series and I look forward to the next book

-Amazon Reviewer

Adventurous Series!

Lia Fail - Stone of Destiny by JC Lucas is full of surprises. The characters really come to life & the relationships between each character seem so real. I feel very connected with the characters & adventures while reading. The series is a very light & easy read. It’s uplifting & full of adventures. I’ve throughly enjoyed this series

-Amazon Reviewer

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