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Bloodthirsty creatures. A vindictive Queen of Elves... And a fierce teenage girl, willing to take them all on.

Andie didn't expect to be orphaned. Now she has no parents, no Nan, no one but Anne, the weird social worker who carries on conversations with old books and empty purses.

Anne takes her to a small town in Texas to live with her new guardian, Celeste, an eccentric figure among many who seem to know something that Andie doesn't. One evening, the woods behind Celeste's house spirit Andie away, and she discovers a secret so incredible that she can scarcely believe it. Her destiny is to find the four Keys that will save the Tuatha de Danann from annihilation.

Worlds collide when two of her new friends from school, the sweet, helpful Teagan and the rude bad boy Hunter, join her on her journey to reach the mysterious place known only as Finias in search of the first Key, The Sword of Light.

As they flee the wicked Fomorians and battle with the Queen of Elves, Andie and the boys forge new alliances and make more adversaries. Will Andie and her friends rise to the challenge, or is the magical realm as good as gone already?

What readers are saying

Loved it!!!


Andie has just lost her beloved Nan, and the last thing she wants to do is leave her home and go somewhere where she doesn’t know anything or anyone. Unfortunately, Child Services has other ideas. Andie is given into the company of a woman named Celeste, an old friend of her Nan’s that she had never heard of until now. Although Andie doesn’t want to like her new town, she finds that people are warm and welcoming, if a bit strange. But when Andie goes wandering into the forest one night, she realizes all is not what it seems when she meets two creatures who should only exist in fairytales. And she herself is not who she thought she was. Andie is half Fae, half Witch, and she has an enormous destiny that she’s not sure she can fulfill. Along with her two new bodyguards, the charming Warlock Teagan and brooding Shifter Hunter, Andie sets off on a journey to reclaim something that could save the entirety of this secret world she has discovered.

I really loved this story! Sword of Light is the first of a YA fantasy series. The world building was exquisite, and each character had depth and promise. I loved meeting the different kinds of Fae throughout the book, the descriptions were top notch. I definitely recommend this book, and am happy to have discovered J.C. Lucas as an author.

- Amazon Reviewer

Completely magical!


Overall, I rate Sword of Light 4/5- everything about this book is pure magic and it was a complete joy to read!!!

The main aspect of this book, that makes it so enjoyable, is the characters and how their friendships develop. Throughout the book I found myself falling in love with each and every character, in particular those involved in the main adventure. The author does a fantastic job at expressing the personalities and mannerisms of the characters, allowing the reader to develop a real understanding of who they are as individuals. This connection truly made me feel like I was there with them on the journey, which is one of the ways that makes this book so gripping. This immersive atmosphere is also achieved by the detailed descriptions of the everchanging landscape, whereby the reader can clearly envision the scenery and fully appreciate the magic involved. Moreover, I loved the introductions of all the different fairies and creatures, especially as not all of them where quite how they seemed.

Additionally, the overall development of this book is very good, as there is always new information being revealed but not at an overwhelming rate. Furthermore, there are multiple plot twists throughout, from character backgrounds to storyline revelations, with the book ending on a huge cliff hanger.

I would highly recommend this book, and believe its an amazing start to an exciting trilogy! I cant wait to continue with it!!!

-Amazon Reviewer

A Supernatural Dream of a Book

The plot of this book flowed so well and was not lacking in twists and turns! The characters were well-rounded and relatable, I can't wait to get onto the next book!

-Amazon Reviewer

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