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Hello July!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Well, I can't believe it's already July. With the pandemic, a Senior graduating, working full time, June was a full month! July is looking pretty hectic as well, but it started off great. We had a very small cookout this past weekend for the 4th of July. But man was it hot and humid!

We enjoyed some awesome burgers and hot dogs that the hubs grilled up, and the sides that the family provided were on point. Not to mention the homemade ice cream. So good!

Bubbles, cornhole, fishing, and fireworks. It doesn't get better than that. Plus we got to spend a lot of time being entertained by our grandson and that was by far the highlight.

I hope you all are enjoying Sword of Light by now. It would make me so happy if you leave a review for me on Amazon. :)

I've been working hard on book two, and the cover artist will be working on the cover at the end of this month. I am super excited to see what she comes up with, she is honestly the best! I've also been working on the side on a prequel to The Four Keys series, it will be a novella, but I am very excited about it as well. You'll get a peek into Nan and Andie's mom's lives before Andie was introduced to the magical world. I'd love to know if this is something you are interested in. There may be a little surprise for anyone that is subscribed to my newsletter or website. ;)

I'm still a bit peeved at Amazon for the poor quality of the interior of the paperback. I unpublished it but looks like they're leaving it up until they sell out of what they printed. Please don't purchase that one unless you don't mind the interior, it's up to you, but I despise that it's still up. :( Don't forget if you'd like a signed copy of the correct paperback, you can order here under "Shop orders." If need be, I will order more.

I hope all of you lovely people are having a wonderful start to your July! More to come!

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