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Good things are coming!

August has already been a productive month for me and we're only four days in! The July newsletter winner was announced. Congrats Patricia! I had so much fun putting the bookish swag together for the prize. Patricia chose to receive a signed copy of Cauldron of Hope & Sorrows (Book Two) when it releases, and she plans to share it with the school library where she is the librarian. She has two copies of Sword of Light to share with the students. I love that! This is the school that my husband and I, and our two oldest boys graduated from. Our youngest son is a Freshman this year. The swag that I included was a super cute coffee mug, socks that state "Shhh..I'm reading" on the bottom of them. Novel teas and a metal sword bookmark!

The August newsletter subscribers will also be automatically entered in this month's contest, so if you aren't signed up for it yet, I'd love for you to so we can stay connected!

In other news, the cover for Cauldron of Hope & Sorrows is now complete, and my cover artist Maria Spada once again did a beautiful job. I just love her! :) The editor is scheduled for October 8th, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she might be able to get to it sooner. I'll be sure and keep everyone updated on release

dates, etc as we go. I can't wait to share the cover with you, some excerpts, and giveaways.

In the next week, Maria will begin working on the cover for The Four Keys (Prequel to the series.) This is a novella that will give you some insight into Andie's nan and mother and how the search for the four Keys began. I hope to have this available for you by the end of this month if not sooner! Yay! And guess what? All of my newsletter subscribers will get to download the ebook version for FREE! This is in appreciation for each and every one of you that give me support and cheer me on, and are EXCITED to see what is next! Thank you, I love you all!

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